ISCC’s response to community outreach

/ March 14, 2017/ ISCC Official

In the wake of recent events in our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the outpouring of community support has been a beacon of light that gives us immense comfort and compels us to have faith in the founding principles and true values of our nation, Equality, Justice and Peace. That all are created equal regardless of the color of their skin or the faith they practice.


Support, care, concern and empathy for fellow citizens and for all humans is what builds societies and nations. We are proud Americans and proud of our fellow citizens standing with us in this time of chaos and uncertainty that surrounds us all.


Millions of Muslims are part of the fabric of our democracy contributing as doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, students, lawyers, clergy and small business owners. As people of faith, we strongly condemn the current culture of fear-mongering and demonization which leads to Islamophobia.


We continue to and have always categorically condemned all inhumane and barbaric acts committed by people who claim to follow Islam or any religion. Terrorists have no religion! We firmly believe in security and safety of all human life but NOT in a way that divides or creates hatred and stresses the very fabric of our society.


Once again we are humbled and honored by your support and would like you to help counter the misinformation about Islam and eradicate the fear of the unknown. Please contact us if you want to learn more about Islam—knowledge is power as it always wins over ignorance.
For your reference, below are a few resources and organizations that we support in our efforts