Our History
The Islamic Society of Chester County was found in 1978, to provide facilities and an environment where Muslims of Chester County and surrounding areas, could perform congregational prayers. These services were initially performed at individuals’ homes, followed by rental venues.
In 1985, we purchased a church in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and leveraged the facility as an Islamic Center.
By the Grace of Allah (SWT) with a total membership of 25 families, we purchased a small home and converted it into our place of worship in 1994.

In 1996, we purchased an additional house behind our masjid to start Sunday School Program.

The Muslim population has been growing steadily in Chester County. Alhamdulillah, we are no longer a small community of 25 families. We have grown to a diverse Islamic Community, consisting of over 100 families, in which we provide the various services.

Who We Are
The Islamic Society of Chester County is a nonprofit, religious organization located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The organization is operated and maintained by those who believe in the unity of Allah (SWT).
The initiatives are as follows:

  • Serving the best interest of Islam and needs of Muslim community
  • Helping the diverse Muslim community to carry out activities in pursuance of Islam as a complete way of life
  • Providing a place of worship to carry on religious, educational and other Islamic activities
    Presenting Islam to the followers of other faiths and promoting goodwill between Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Assisting the Muslim community in all forms of local Islamic needs (i.e., guidance on marriage ceremonies, funeral arrangements, burial services)